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  1. The Parkin Academy Millnery Workroom



    For just £25 per day (including VAT), you can have access to sewing machines, dyeing facilities, an eco-friendly oven and a huge selection of millinery accessories ranging from bases to brims, feathers to fabrics and satin to sinamay.

    You can also choose your own elegant design of…

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  2. The Saddleworth Rail Trail



    Two former railway lines - now popular recreational routes - make this ride a perfect way for families to discover Saddleworth. The Delph Donkey Trail (named after the white horse which first pulled the carriages) and Saddleworth Linear (part of the Pennine Bridleway) link the charming villages of…

  3. Towpath guide



    Explore the canal on foot with Huddersfield Narrow Canal Society’s Towpath Guide, published in 2008, the 90 page guide has over 500 full colour photographs and detailed maps covering the length of the canal.
    Photographs guide your journey along the towpath along with descriptions of local plant…

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